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Lunch & Learn Program

KCCC would like to thank your company for participating in this year’s Games with this one-time FREE offer. Whether you are gearing up for the games or staying healthy throughout the rest of the year, there will be a topic of interest for everyone. A full menu of choices can be found below. Don’t miss this one-time FREE opportunity for your company to have a presenter speak at your workplace! First session is on us, additional sessions are available for a fee, fees vary per presentation.

Sessions are available Feb 1st-June 30th.


2020 Menu of Presentations

How to Transform Stress

Modern life runs at a fast pace. 73% of Americans report they experience physical symptoms from stress, and 77% report psychological symptoms from stress, according to the American Psychological Association. In this class you'll learn what's happening in the body when it's understress. Attendees will also learn how nutrition can support a healthy stress response. Strategies for transforming stress in day-today life will also be discussed.


Fight Back Against Stress

Life these days can just be stressful!  In this class, learn the physiology of stress; what is happening in your body when you are stressed.  We'll discuss how this response in the body can play a role in weight, immune health, sleep, mood, and overall health.  You'll learn about foods, lifestyle approaches, and supplements that help support your body in times of stress.  Find a little relaxation in your busy day!


Just Breathe!! 

Our breath is literally an instant and direct message to our nervous system (brain and spinal cord). How many times have you heard or maybe even said these words yourself, "let's just calm down and take a deep breath"? Why do we do this and what does it really do for us? The answer is A LOT!


Stress....the Silent Killer

Learn all about the three different types of stress and how to get rid of them. Also, some great tips on how to avoid letting stress show up in the first place or minimizing the level it reaches.


Stress Relief
Easy ways to help reduce stress and the affects it has on our body.  We will discuss how stress affects the body and demonstrate various stretches and techniques to manage and relief those affects.


Josh Wolf, local Ironman

World Championship athlete, Coach and Motivational Speaker, presents his message of empowering those to discover that they are stronger than they think by using his own stories to bring to life the power and hope of endurance. Popular topics include:

 - Reframe your Mindset to achieve greatness.

 - Don't quit before you try: how to not defeat yourself before you even start

 - How to tap into the power of visualization

 - Fighting the Dark Days of Depression

- Why you aren't losing weight - it's more than just food!


Cravings, Weight Gain and the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

Achieving your healthiest weight is not about dieting or even pure willpower, but rather understanding how certain foods affect blood sugar levels and appetite. Learn how nutrient-dense meals support healthy metabolism and which nutrient supplements support healthy blood sugar levels and appetite control.


Detox 101

You hear the word 'Detox' everywhere; a buzzword! But, what does it actually mean to detox the body.  In this class you'll learn how the liver, digestive system, and other systems in the body detoxify.  Ways to support the detoxification systems in the body will be discussed, and you'll leave with tips and tricks to support healthy detoxification!


Natural Hacks to Support a Healthy Mood

Learn all about brain health, and what is involved in supporting a healthy mood.  Learn what foods and supplements nourish and support a healthy mood, and leave with some tools in your toolbox to help lighten your mood!


Lessons From Dogs...The Role of Community in Our Health and Well-being

Dogs can teach us so much, including how to live in community which helps us thrive physically, mentally, and be more involved in our community. This session will break down into detail about the health benefits of getting involved with your community.


Bicycle 101 in Kansas City

Cycling and you! Staff can tailor this session to fit the needs and interests of your employees! Additional topics discussed could include: The Benefits of Bicycling, Basic Maintenance Skills, and Tips to Building Practical Handling Skills and How to Become a Bicycle Commuter, Organized ride. *Some fees may apply dependent on presentation. A condensed version of Kansas City's more comprehensive Adult Bicycle Training, BikeWalkKC staff will discuss bike, pedestrian and driver safety to help employees explore new transportation options.


Exhausted? 5 Steps to Taking Control of Your ENERGY!

This topic is designed for anyone that constantly feels like they're living in the 2:30pm feeling all 24 hours of the day. Tips to enhance energy levels and also small changes you can make to your daily routine to create big differences.


Inclusion KC
Midwest Adaptive Sports is a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for people with disabilities to be active, engaged and included in adaptive sports. Learn about our current sports, clinics, all-inclusive events and ways we can help your organization create or be a part of some of these events.


Headaches & Lower Back Pain
80% of adults will experience lower back in their lives and back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.  Headache disorders were the 3rd highest cause of years lost to disability.  We will look at stressors in our daily lives that contribute to these conditions and steps that we can take daily to help manage and prevent these pains.


Workplace Ergonomics

This is specific to each workplace environment and will require and insight on day to day activities of employees. We will then educate you on how to better execute those day to day tasks to avoid injury in the workplace.


Injury Prevention, Warm-Up/Cool Down and Stretching
As the weather improves and we start doing more activities and sports, overuse injuries become more prevalent.   We will discuss how to avoid these injuries and what to do if an injury does occur.  As Corporate Challenge competitions and games begin, it’s important to warm up and cool down properly.  This will not only help improve performance, but will help in the prevention of injury.


Digestive Health 101
Today, 70% of Americans experience digestive related symptoms or diseases. This is a startling statistic as an unhealthy gut has been linked to worsening overall health, including increased risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, autism, depression and anxiety. Join this class to learn the ins and outs of supporting digestive health and digestive comfort, and how this could be the key to making a difference in your overall health and well-being.


The Leaky Gut Solution
Hippocrates said that "all disease begins in the gut”, and in recent years, science has caught up with this ancient knowledge that gut health is vital for wellness.  In this class, you’ll learn about how a healthy microbiome is necessary for optimal brain function, mood, energy, and more!  You’ll learn nutrition strategies for leaky gut, and supporting overall health by optimizing digestion.


Purely Paleo

Explore the pure science behind The Paleo Diet and discover why what's old is new again - and just so happens to empower health along the way.


Balance Hormones Naturally
When hormones are out of balance this can lead to poor energy, mood, sleep, and generally feeling lousy. In this class you’ll learn what the root causes of hormone imbalance are. You’ll learn about the effects of the standard American diet on hormones and discover strategies to support hormones naturally through nutrition and stress management approaches. This class is relevant for both men and women’s hormonal health.


Keto Diet 101

Mounting scientific research suggests that eating a ketogenic diet could represent on of the greatest nutritional breakthroughs of our time. Going "keto" is all the rage, but the diet is laden with conflicting ideas, disastrous oversimplification, and misinformation. In Keto 101 we'll dive into this trend to understand the what, why, and how to succeed with ketogenic eating.


Nutrition on the Go-Smoothies for Life!

Smoothie recipes are easy and only require four simple steps. Supercharge your smoothie for personalized health benefits!


Veggie Prep Simplified
5 easy ways to eat more vegetables. The recommended number of daily servings for veggies is five. If you’re not getting five portions of veggies each day, you’re missing out on vitamins and minerals, fiber, and nature’s best weight loss aid. Learn how to shop for, prep and enjoy more veggies!


Easy Recipes to Dress Up Your Veggies

We all need to eat healthy fats to support healthy inflammatory balance. Dress your veggies with recipes taught at this class and maintain a balanced intake of fats to support optimal health!


Mindfulness & Meditation
Anxious? Distracted? Stressed out? More than 75% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related ailments. Learn simple ways to harness your mind, focus your brain and relax your nervous system so you can live a healthy, satisfying and vibrant life.


SCREENINGS- Digitional Posture Check and Functional Assessment
Digital Posture Check will take a picture from the front and side and it will do a comparison of where you are at vs. what is ideal.  It will also calculate the amount of stress placed on the body.  Limit of 10-12 people/hour for Digital Checks. The Functional Assessment will evaluate range-of-motion of neck, back shoulders and legs.  We will be able to see where dysfunction is and give recommendations on how to address these limitations.



*Not seeing anything that you'd dish up on your lunch tray? KCCC will be offering ADDITIONAL lunch and learn options throughout the season! If there's a particular subject you're hungry for, don't hesitate to reach out to let us know! Alison Smith, Lunch and Learn Chef, is interested in what YOU want to learn about over lunch!


For more information contact Alison Smith at 913-826-2953 or alison.smith@jocogov.org