2021 Kansas City Corporate Challenge

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Spirit Contest

  • The KCCC Spirit Contest will take place throughout the duration of the KCCC Games.
  • NO KCCC POINTS are awarded for the Spirit Contest, three companies total (across all divisions) will be presented with the "KCCC Spirit Award" at the 2020 KCCC Awards Celebration.
  • The KCCC Board of Directors and KCCC Ambassadors will act as judges for the contest.
  • Criteria on which companies will be judged for the "Spirit Award" are:
    • Fulfillment of volunteer requirement as assigned by KCCC
    • Level of representation of company employees at events
    • Demonstration of teamwork by company participants at events
    • Cheering/Support of co-Workers
    • Sportsmanship toward other teams
  • Company banners will not be allowed at events, due to the exclusivity of banner display offered to event sponsors. Display of banners is not a criteria that will be judged.
  • The KCCC Board of Directors realizes that due to the nature of an event such as the "Spirit Contest," the judging will be subjective. While representatives from the Board of Directors do have a presence at all events, we welcome input from participating companies. Feel free to e-mail (kccorporatechallenge@gmail.com) your comments regarding displays of spirit that you have witnessed during the week. The Board will consider these comments in their tally.
  • Participation in the KCCC Kick-off Party will not be considered in choosing the recipients of the Spirit Award.
  • The Spirit Contest is separate from all other KCCC Events. The “Spirit Award” will be presented to the top three companies, across all divisions, who reach the criteria, set by the KCCC and will be presented the "Spirit Award" at the 2020 KCCC Awards Celebration.

For more information regarding the Spirit Contest, contact the KCCC Office at 913.831.2222 / kccorporatechallenge@gmail.com