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20 in 2020 Challenge

Join us for the 20 in 2020 Challenge!


How it works

  • Complete at least 20 activities that embody the KCCC Mission of Health, Wellness, and Camaraderie (note: you are only required to complete 20 activities IN TOTAL and are free to choose across categories – mix ‘n match!)
  • As you complete a challenge, document your victory with a photo or video.
  • Send your complete collection of victory photos/videos to kccorporatechallenge@gmail.com along with a list of your completed tasks. Please do not send one completed activity at a time – only submit your completed challenge in its entirety (i.e. all 20 completed activities together). The KCCC office will not keep track of your completed activities.


The victory swag

  • The first 1,700 participants to complete 20 challenges and submit their victory photos will earn a 2020 GOLD MEDAL
  • The first 1,700 participants to complete 15 challenges and submit their victory photos will earn a 2020 SILVER MEDAL
  • The first 1,700 participants to complete 12 challenges and submit their victory photos will earn a 2020 BRONZE MEDAL


*The fine print

  • The challenge will end Saturday, June 27th at midnight and all submissions must be made prior to this date.
  • Participants are only eligible to receive ONE medal. Do you have your sights set on a bronze, silver, or GOLD?!
  • Medals will be distributed at a later date after the close of the competition and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis regarding participant submission date.
  • By submitting your photos and video you are consenting for their potential (and probable) use on our social media. Don’t want that kind of fame, that’s fine too!  Just let us know in your email that they are not permitted for publication.




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