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Blood Donation Challenge

In partnership with the Community Blood Center, the 5th Annual KCCC Blood Donation Challenge will take place in 2019!

The KCCC Blood Donation Challenge will take place from January 1 – June 30th.

NO CORPORATE CHALLENGE POINTS are awarded for the Blood Donation Challenge. However, the company logging the most presenting donors will be presented with the "KCCC Blood Donation Challenge Award" at the 2019 KCCC Awards Celebration. Staff from both the Community Blood Center and American Red Cross will administer the contest.


1. Sponsor/host a blood drive with Community Blood Center
2. Send donors into neighborhood centers, register under your company name and donate
3. Community Blood Center will keep a tally of each registered donor

Any company who sponsors/hosts a blood drive will be awarded for each presenting donor. A company can also send donors into a CBC neighborhood center to donate and receive credit. At the end of the challenge, whichever company from each division has the most presenting donors wins the “KCCC Blood Donation Award.” The winning companies will be recognized at the KCCC Awards Celebration.


  • Donating 1 unit of blood can save up to 2 lives
  • To support area hospitals, CBC must collect hundreds of units of blood each day
  • 37% of the population is eligible to donate but only 7% do
  • Blood is supplied by VOLUNTEER DONORS like you
  • The number one reason people DO NOT donate is they are NOT asked


  • The company with the most documented presenting donors at the end of the challenge will receive the Kansas City Corporate Challenge BLOOD DONATION AWARD! But the real winners are the hospital patients who need those lifesaving units of blood!

For more information regarding the Blood Donation Challenge, contact the KCCC Office at 913.831.2222 / kccorporatechallenge@gmail.com