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Lunch & Learn Program

KCCC would like to thank your company for participating in this year’s games with this one-time FREE offer. Whether you are gearing up for the games or staying healthy throughout the rest of the year, there will be a topic of interest for everyone. A full menu of choices can be found below. Don’t miss this one-time FREE opportunity for your company to have a presenter speak at your workplace! First session is on us, additional sessions are available for a fee, 100% of all proceeds go to the KCCC Beneficiary, Corner Stones of Care.  Food and beverage are not included, just the speaker.  All sessions will be held virtually. It is up to the speaker and company on what platform will be used. Sessions are available Feb 1st-June 30th.

2023 Menu of Presentations

Mindfulness for Everyday: Personal & Professional, Haley Prophet  

 Attendees will explore the concept of mindfulness and its effect on your personal and professional life. This session will highlight three key pillars of focus, driving content into practical ways participants can cultivate meaningful life experiences by being present in the given moment. Intriguing brain facts of science will be shared to empower brain health while practicing mindfulness. All attendees will leave this session with practical and applicable strategies to improve their overall wellbeing and ability to be present.


Achieving Flow: The Key to Personal Energy Management, Haley Prophet  

Who doesn’t want to feel a greater sense of enjoyment, energy and involvement in their own life? We all do. Flow, a term referring to a time or experience when you are so completely absorbed in something that you lose track of time, feel euphoric and have a greater sense of accomplishment. Sounds powerful, right! In this session we will review the general concept and history of being in a state of flow. The benefits and characteristics of a flow state as well as how this impacts our personal energy levels as we live out each day.


Leaning in Without Falling Over, Haley Prophet  

Everyone should have non-negotiables in their lives. What are yours? Did your list include things like personal time, boundaries, and self-compassion? If not, you are not alone. Great news, you can add them anytime! In this session we will unpack what it means to lean in within our lives while also realistically addressing what it may feel like when we are on the cusp of falling over and strategies to avoid reaching that point.


Building Healthy & Delicious Meals, Natural Grocers

Let’s get back to the basics! Discover the importance of getting off the blood sugar roller coaster using high-quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to build healthy & delicious meals. Together we'll make meal planning easy!


Fueling for Fitness, Natural Grocers

This sports nutrition seminar will give you the tools you need to help you at the top of your game – whatever that may be. Learn how to support your body’s optimal energy levels and improve your fitness and recovery time with food and supplements!


Fight Back Against Stress, Natural Grocers

Life these days can just be stressful!  In this class, learn the physiology of stress; what is happening in your body when you are stressed.  We'll discuss how this response in the body can play a role in weight, immune health, sleep, mood, and overall health.  You'll learn about foods, lifestyle approaches, and supplements that help support your body in times of stress.  Find a little relaxation in your busy day!


Normalizing Conversations around Suicide & Mental Health, Coach Josh Wolf * Limited sessions

According to the CDC suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for all ages.  For young adults, it claims more lives than heart disease, cancer and accidents COMBINED.  Research shows us that talking about suicide, depression and anxiety is the single most important offensive tool we have to fight back.  However, most of us don't know how to approach conversations on suicide and mental health.  This is for a variety of reasons such as: we are afraid of making things worse, don't know what to say, don't know how to properly show up let alone say something that is actually helpful. In this series, Coach and Speaker Josh Wolf shares a powerful workshop on how to best support someone (or get help) for those who are struggling with suicide ideation, depression and/or anxiety. Participants will learn: 

* How to detect and talk through warning signs of suicide ideation, depression and anxiety. 

* What to say if you suspect someone you know might be suffering. 

* What NOT to say/do if someone in suffering

* How to provide a safe and healing work environment for all things mental health 

* How to talk through hard conversations of all types that leads to healthy resolutions.

* What resources actually work in helping combat suicide ideation, depression, and anxiety, and where to find them.

Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.  Join me in taking a proactive approach for our mental health, and let's start to talk about the hard things.  Let's normalize talking about suicide! 


Financial Wellness with PNC Bank

Available by KCCC Presenting Sponsor, PNC Bank! Choose from one of the options below to keep your financial wellness in tip top shape. Additional sessions available upon request.

Budgeting 2.0 - Participants will determine their personal obstacles to budgeting, create a format to track and analyze their spending, make lists of short- and long-term goals, discuss the importance of debt reduction and emergency savings.

Early Career - Creating your Financial Foundation

Early Mid Career - Creating your Financial Foundation

Mid Late Career - Building on your Solid Foundation

Late Career - Leveraging your Financial Foundation


The Balancing Act - How to use family bike riding to build long-term happiness in your kids. Scott Fitzgerald, Buddy Pegs

Despite a national decline in youth cycling of nearly 50%, today's children need the power of the bicycle more than ever to combat the side effects of the ever-growing digital childhood and build true lifelong happiness. No longer a toy, the bicycle is a vehicle for discovery that helps children build self-confidence, resilience, connection to nature, and stronger family bonds.  You’ll walk away with powerful insights and practical advice that will help you: create a lifelong love of adventure on two wheels in all children, collectively work to get more families on bikes, and pick the right bicycle for every age. Whether you’re a parent of young children interested in introducing biking into your family or simply curious about the current emerging research on the shifting emotional landscape of children, this talk is for you.


Cornerstones of Care

Come learn all about Build Trybe and how you can help our youth at Cornerstones of Care. Build Trybe is a mentorship community that builds health, independence and empowers youth with employable skills. It is a bridge connecting youth, who lack a stable support system, to opportunity. Our team of trade experts and community partners introduce and connect youth to three skill-based career paths: culinary, horticultural, and construction.


The World is Your Gym- Lisa Cummings Advent Health

Being fit doesn’t have to be achieved in a gym, but can be done anytime, anywhere. Learn ways to treat your world as your gym by combining everyday tasks with movement to get you fit throughout your day. Recommend wearing tennis shoes to class. 


Mindful Eating - Lisa Cummings Advent Health

Mindful eating is the practice of cultivating awareness of how, when, and what we eat and getting in-tune to our relationship with food. Learn how to identify our reasons for eating, understand our bodies hunger/fullness signals and cravings and how to savor our food while engaging all of our senses in appreciating the taste, texture, and nutritious value of it. 


Healthy Interpersonal Relationships, KC Resolve

Learn evidenced-based tips on how to deepen and enhance your most important relationships by using the Stress-Reducing Conversation and Dreams Within Conflict tools developed by relationship experts John and Julie Gottman. 


Mindfulness and Boundaries in the Workplace, KC Resolve

By taking the time to care for yourself and set clear boundaries, you can increase your overall well-being and effectiveness in your professional life. Learn about mindfulness and boundaries in the workplace to improve your mental health, prevent burnout, and better manage stress.


Designing a Life of Health and Wellness - Dr. Kelsey Crow, Sacred Chiropractic

Session includes desk yoga exercises, acupressure points for optimum energy, stress reduction and enhanced health, as well as other wellness tips and bio hacks to add into your daily routine to become the healthiest, most productive and successful version of yourself.


*Not seeing anything that you’d dish up on your lunch tray? KCCC will be offering ADDITIONAL lunch and learn options throughout the season! If there’s a subject you’re hungry for, don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know! Alison Smith, Lunch and Learn Chef, is interested in what YOU want to learn about over lunch!


For more information contact Alison Smith at 913-826-2953 or alison.smith@jocogov.org