2019 Kansas City Corporate Challenge

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Lunch & Learn Program

KCCC would like to thank your company for participating in this year’s Games with this one-time FREE offer. Whether you are gearing up for the games or staying healthy afterwards, there will be a topic of interest for everyone. A full menu of choices can be found below. Don’t miss this one-time FREE opportunity for your company! Sessions are available Feb 1st-June 30th.

Menu of Choices

New!! Safety: Charlie’s House
On November 1, 2007, Charlie Horn, a 2-year-old Kansas City boy, was killed when he attempted to climb a 30" dresser in his home. It was through this tragedy that Charlie's House was born. We educate families on the importance of home safety for their kids and give out free supplies so that this preventable accident doesn’t happen to other families. If you have small kids, are a grandparent, uncle, aunt or just friends of people with children this information is vital. Join us to learn more about saving kids in their homes and how you can help us prevent unnecessary childhood deaths. Minimum for attendance is 20, free materials will be distributed.

NEW!! Find Your Endurance … from anguish to achievement
Josh Wolf, local Ironman Kona athlete, Coach and Motivational Speaker, presents his message of empowering those to discover that they are stronger than they think by using his own stories to bring to life the power and hope of endurance. Topics covered during the presentation:
- Don’t quit before you try: how to not defeat yourself before you even start
- We are stronger than we think: the mind is all that matters
- We believe what we tell ourselves 100% of the time
- How to reframe your thought patterns
- Visualization and Goal Setting

Full Potential Friday
Open Options, a nonprofit organization serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, presents “Full Potential Friday,” an eye-opening, engaging and often humorous presentation on disability awareness and disability etiquette. President/CEO Vincent Bustamante draws on personal experiences from 17 years in the disabilities field to promote understanding and inclusion.

New!! Acupuncture  
Acupuncture is an ancient health science that dates back to Asia 5000+ years ago where physicians discovered various points throughout our body that affected our energy(Chi) which courses through the tissues and organs of our body. Acupuncture works to help restore balance of this energy when it is blocked or thrown off course from disease, injury or just bad habits. Acupuncture has an effect on all physiologic functions that can cover a wide range of problems that include Allergies, Anxiety, Headaches, Smoking Cessation, High Blood Pressure, and ADD/ADHD just to name a small few.

New!! Office Ergonomics: Preventing Workplace Injury and Pain
When our days are full of deadlines, meetings and replying to multiple emails and calls we can forget how posture can cause both short and long-term damage to our bodies and spine that can lead to neck pain, headaches and even back pain. Let us educate you and your staff on the benefits of good posture and mobility throughout your workday along with stretches and movements to help prevent pain and injury.

Cravings, Weight Gain and the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster
Achieving your healthiest weight is not about dieting or even pure willpower, but rather understanding how certain foods affect blood sugar levels and appetite. Learn how nutrient-dense meals support healthy metabolism and which nutrient supplements support healthy blood sugar levels and appetite control.

Fight Back Against Stress
Life these days can just be stressful!  In this class, learn the physiology of stress; what is happening in your body when you are stressed.  We will discuss how this response in the body can play a role in weight, immune health, sleep, mood, and overall health.  You will learn about foods, lifestyle approaches, and supplements that help support your body in times of stress.  Find a little relaxation in your busy day!

Women’s Self-Defense
The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation’s T.A.K.E. Defense Training empowers women ages 12 to 90 years of age by providing safety awareness and personal protection training and has educated over 60,000 participants since 2005. Your lunch and learn will explore ways to enhance your safety throughout your daily life and actually practice techniques related to common confrontations by an attacker. There is no need to change from your usual office attire; all females are encouraged to attend. Minimum attendance require is 30 participants; Limited to five presentations per year so register early.

New!! More Safety, More Growth
With the stock market at an all-time high, is it time to lock in your gains and still potentially make double-digit returns? Pinnacle Plus Financial is a leading provider of safe money choices. Travis Horn and George Gille have over 50 years combined experience, and will provide timely information to help your employees protect their hard-earned money. Utilizing revolutionary financial products, we provide safety and growth for your financial portfolio to enhance your future. We make seemingly complicated investment options simple and easy to understand. We look forward to helping you and your employees.

New!! Improve performance on the field and recovery afterwards with Evidence-Based Nutrition.
Did you know that certain foods increase inflammation in humans?  See what the latest research in nutrition can teach you about how the food you eat can determine your performance on the field.   The food you consume after the game can positively or negatively effect your recovery as well.  Don’t just cover up your body’s aches and pains, prevent them with Evidence-Based Nutrition.

New!! Kick old habits & Disease to the curb with Superior Nutrition
Learn more about the evidence that the latest research in nutrition has discovered that will change your life! Do you or a loved-one suffer from chronic diseases? Don’t repeat diets that haven’t worked. Change your lifestyle and reap the benefits of optimal health, wellness, and disease-proof your body!

New!! Better Hearing Benefits Everyone
Choose one option from the following topics:
Hypertension & Obesity - there is a significant association between high blood pressure and untreated hearing loss.  Hypertension can be an accelerating factor of hearing loss in older adults. Higher body mass index and larger waist circumference are associated with increased risk of hearing loss in women.
Cognitive Decline - adults with untreated hearing loss are more likely to develop problems thinking and remembering than adults whose hearing is normal. Degraded hearing may force the brain to devote too much energy to processing sound.

For more information contact Nathan Matney at 913-826-2953 or nathan.matney@jocogov.org